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The Happiness Index

This brief survey will help you assess your current level of satisfaction and accomplishment within eight key areas typically impacting one’s health, happiness and productivity. This is not a test, and there are no right or wrong answers. Simply mark your responses to the following sixteen items, which shouldn’t take longer than eight minutes.

Following your completion of The Happiness Index, you’ll have immediate access to an eight-page, customized PDF report containing:

  • Your “Hi-Graph” – a graphic illustration of your current alignment with the eight guiding principles.
  • Your scores in each dimension.
  • Tips that you can apply today to help you become more fit, focused and fulfilled – at work and at home.
  • Action Plans for you to complete now in order to see a positive change immediately.
  • Ways you can bring this powerful model of transformation to your team and into your organization.

View a sample report.

You’re also invited to contact our office after you’ve read through your report, and schedule a complimentary coaching session to discuss the findings. This is a great way to process the information and begin integrating the concepts of The 8 into your life immediately. No strings attached.

Now, before we get started, we’ll need a little information from you:

We will never share your name, your contact information, or the contents of this report with anyone. Your confidentiality is completely protected and we only ask for this information so that we can customize your report and communicate with you later on if you’d like us to. Great! Let’s get started.

Respond to each of the sixteen items below,
and don’t take too much time on any one item…just go with your gut.

  1. My strengths are in play. My strengths are the things I feel I'm best at.

  2. I share my expectations with others. I believe I communicate my needs appropriately.

  3. I know what my values are. My values reflect my sense of right and wrong — they are my "non-negotiables."

  4. I know my purpose. My purpose is what I feel I am meant to do.

  5. I seek out interactations with like-minded people. I explore relationships with people that are like me.

  6. I do what matters most. I align my daily tasks with my bigger goals in life.

  7. I lift people up. I look for opportunities to help others win.

  8. I start each day right. I begin each day with a positive attitude.

  9. I celebrate my successes. I acknowledge myself when I do something awesome.

  10. I am a positive person. I tend to see what's good — in myself and the world around me.

  11. I live my values. I take part in activities that honor my core beliefs.

  12. I interact with people different from me. I seek out connections with others who don't share my attitudes or beliefs.

  13. I think about the things that go well during my day. I take time to reflect on my victories.

  14. I'm honest with people. I say what's real.

  15. I do anonymous good deeds. I perform acts of kindness without taking any credit.

  16. I share my talents with others. I discuss my strengths with the important people in my life.

After you click this button an 8-page report will be
immediately available for viewing and download.