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It’s Elemental

In thousands of hours of individual coaching and in-depth consultation with many of the world’s most enlightened organizations, David has uncovered the eight guiding principles to achieving greater happiness, health and productivity.

Applying these basic elements to your life will help you:

  1. Become more organized and efficient.
  2. Boost individual and team productivity.
  3. Improve communication skills.
  4. Foster greater collaboration.
  5. Focus on strengths instead of weaknesses.
  6. Connect daily tasks with bigger goals.
  7. Reinforce your victories.
  8. Align with organizational mission, vision and values.

The 8 Basic Elements

Discover your purpose.Find your direction and chart a course to greater fulfillment. People, teams and companies that know what they’re here to do have a much greater chance of actually getting it done. This is the starting point on your journey.
Start right now.Begin everything you do with a “PMA” – a positive mental attitude. You’re always going to find opportunities to be frustrated and fearful, but if you go into your tasks with authentic power and positivity – that to-do will transform into a “TA-DA!”.
Leverage your strengths.Put your greatest talents in play. You’ve likely been brainwashed to believe (think back to your last performance appraisal) that you can only become better at what you do by fixing your weaknesses. Hogwash.
Say what’s real.Share your expectations. One of the main reasons people quit a job is lack of clarity around goals and decisions. Bottom line – if any group (couple, family, work team, organization) fails to appropriately communicate what’s really going on…you’re done.
Live your values.Bring your guiding principles into every action you take. The happiest people (and companies) on the planet always find a way to align even the most mundane requirements with some value-able core belief.
Make meaningful connections.Form deeper connections with the right people in your life. We’re pinging, friending, liking, tweeting, flickering and yelping – but are we really bonding better, or are we just blabbing more?
Remember your victories.Acknowledge your wins and repeat what you did right. We usually pay more attention to the one thing we did wrong than the ten things we nailed! Recognize yourself. Reward yourself. Rinse. Repeat.
Help others win.Lift people up so they can achieve their limitless potential. A sign of true gr8ness is one’s ability to help another person realize theirs; because real leaders don’t create more followers – they create more leaders.