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Live On Purpose

“If you’€™re looking for real satisfaction in life, read this book.”

Ken Blanchard
NYT Bestselling Author of
The One Minute Manager®

Do what matters everyday and become more fit, focused and fulfilled.

Happiness, holistic health and purposeful productivity are critical success factors. They are three of the key elements necessary in order to achieve one’s vision and this is a universal truth whether “one” is an individual, a team or an organization. They are conditions of satisfaction that must be met and given special and constant attention in order for any person or company to achieve high performance.

The 8 – Basic Elements to Greater Happiness, Health & Productivity is based on David Vittoria’s work in over 15,000 hours of coaching and counseling sessions and more than 2,000 hours of on-site observations in small businesses, schools, non-profits, corporations and governments all over the world. It contains captivating stories and tips you can use immediately to become more fit, fulfilled and get your highest priorities achieved every day.

The book is inspired by the real-life experiences of some enlightened individuals and organizations that have shifted their energy and attention towards what matters most to them. It is about happy people that are living their dreams and healthy companies that embrace both purpose and profit; whose employees are engaged, whose customers keep coming back and whose competitors have taken notice.

The guiding principles in The 8 will help you, your team and your organization:

  1. Get aligned with your mission.
  2. Become better organized and eliminate time-wasters.
  3. Focus on what’sright with you and minimize the impact of your weaknesses.
  4. Overcome the most common barriers to effective communication.
  5. Bring your core values into your work and your life everyday.
  6. Solidify the bonds with your family, friends, coworkers and customers.
  7. Recognize your victories and build on them for future success.
  8. Lift others up so that they can achieve their true potential.

Read what some of today’s most influential thought leaders have to say about The 8.